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L.A. is home to one of the most dynamic, diverse, quickly growing economies in the United States. A leader in over a dozen major industries, the city has actually been named the 19th most competitive city in the world (based on criteria like economic strength and human capital). If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner in Los Angeles, you have a lot to do to ensure that your company stays ahead of the curve and grows successfully in such an ambitious business climate! One of the things you need to do is attend to legal matters – maintaining compliance, signing contracts, etc. Time is money, and you don’t have enough time or knowledge in order to take care of all your business’s legal needs and protect your business from risk. That’s why working with a skilled Los Angeles contracts attorney may be the smartest money move you ever make! Attorney Josiah M. Young, Esq., has helped various L.A. businesses (including high-profile clients and cannabis ventures) save money, time, and stress as they scale in a legally-compliant manner, primarily through the use of clear contracts, and he can help you do the same. He will empower you to take a proactive approach to growing your business and give you peace of mind! Call his office today to request a consultation.

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Josiah and his team were instrumental in helping me close on on a cannabis delivery business in Sacramento and Yuba City. Being relatively new to the area, Josiah and team came from a referral and they immediately partnered with me on aspects of the contracts and helped secure a deal that made sense. The entire team was responsive to my requests and they went over and beyond to help and advocate on my behalf. They took the time to ensure I was informed about each task and worked with me on an aggressive timeline. I was impressed with the quality of people and overall professionalism.

Theresa B.

Josiah Young, Esq. is an excellent attorney. He did some contract work that was crucial for my business and did an exemplary job. He was very professional and responsive. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal work. Top notch!