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Good contracts are key to every successful business deal. Unfortunately, business relationships can be volatile (especially in L.A.’s competitive environment), and not everyone you negotiate a contract with will faithfully uphold their end of the bargain. If the other party fails to carry out the terms of the contract, or if they accuse you of breaching the contract, or if the terms of the contract are at all ambiguous, you could find yourself engaged in a contract dispute. Resolving these types of disagreements can be complex. Because your time is valuable, and because how breach of contract issues are resolved will affect your reputation and profitability for years to come, it is in your best interests to work with an aggressive Los Angeles contract dispute lawyer who can protect your rights and your business’s future. Call The Law Office of Josiah Young, P.C. today to request a consultation!

Types Of Contract Disputes & Why They Occur

Most contract disputes begin with a poorly written contract, which wasn’t created or reviewed by an attorney. If the contract leaves loopholes, or a lot of room for personal interpretation, then one of the parties could take advantage of that. One or both of the parties could interpret the unclear terms differently, which can lead to conflict over how the contract should be carried out. Sometimes, one or both of the parties are trying to act in good faith, but don’t even know how to satisfy the terms because the contract is so vague/confusing. (This is why it is so important to consult an attorney before entering into any business agreement!) 

There are four main types of contract breaches that most disputes revolve around: minor breaches, major breaches, anticipatory breaches, and actual breaches. Minor breaches occur when one party fails to uphold some part of the contract even though the good/service was ultimately delivered. Major breaches occur when one party delivers something completely different than what was specified in the contract. Anticipatory breaches occur when one party knows ahead of time that the other party won’t be fulfilling their contractual obligation, and actual breaches occur when the other party simply refuses to deliver what was promised, either at all or on time. 

No contract breach is a “good one”, whether you are the victim of a breach or are accused of committing the breach; all contract disputes can be extraordinarily expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. If you are dealing with any type of contract breach, you need to enlist the services of a Los Angeles contract dispute lawyer who is intimately familiar with California contract law and who can preserve your business’s future! 

What Our Los Angeles Contract Dispute Lawyer Can Do For You

Time is money in business. Any time you have to spend attempting to resolve a contract dispute is time that you’re taking away from growing your business and increasing profits. Our Los Angeles contract dispute lawyer, Josiah M. Young, Esq., can handle everything for you so you can relax and give your attention to making sure the business runs as smoothly as possible until the issue is resolved. 

Mr. Young will take the time to listen to you, answer your questions, thoroughly review the contract, and explain your options in a manner you can easily understand. He can craft a creative, cost-effective strategy to defend your interests based on your unique circumstances. He can prove that a breach occurred or didn’t occur. He will always attempt to negotiate first in order to minimize costs, but he’s more than capable of tenaciously advocating for you in court if necessary.

Breach Of Contract Solutions

If you’re involved in a contract dispute, many parts of your business may be negatively affected, including its reputation and its financial stability. Sometimes, asking for monetary damages from the party that breached the contract or accused you of doing so (or pursuing those via a lawsuit) is the right move; sometimes, asking the other party to honor the contract as intended (or asking a judge to enforce the contract) is better. Your specific situation will impact what resolution you should seek. Different possible resolutions could include:

  • Compensatory damagesactual expenses or losses incurred as a result of the breach
  • Consequential/incidental damages indirect loss of business profits that stem from the breach
  • Liquidated damages these are specifically stipulated in the contract should a breach occur
  • Future lost profits loss of future profits as a result of the breach (these are hard to prove)
  • Attorneys’ fees & court costs may be included in an award amount
  • Specific Performance forces the breaching party to uphold their end of the bargain (this is usually reserved for when monetary damages wouldn’t adequately reflect the magnitude of the breach)
  • Recission cancels the contract and responsibilities of the parties involved

Our Los Angeles contract dispute lawyer can guide you to the right resolution and fight for the ideal outcome!

Why Choose The Law Office of Josiah Young, P.C. To Represent You

Our law firm will keep your long-term business vision at the center of negotiating or litigating your dispute! We have the resources, knowledge, and skill required to prevent the dispute from derailing your business’s momentum. Unlike many other Los Angeles contract dispute lawyers, Mr. Young brings the law to your level. He won’t confuse you with legalese, but provide clarity during a time when it matters most. He scored in the 91st percentile in the contract law portion of the bar exam. You can rely on his experience and winning track record to give your business an advantage in the dispute and achieve stability! Call today to request a consultation and learn more.

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Josiah and his team were instrumental in helping me close on on a cannabis delivery business in Sacramento and Yuba City. Being relatively new to the area, Josiah and team came from a referral and they immediately partnered with me on aspects of the contracts and helped secure a deal that made sense. The entire team was responsive to my requests and they went over and beyond to help and advocate on my behalf. They took the time to ensure I was informed about each task and worked with me on an aggressive timeline. I was impressed with the quality of people and overall professionalism.

Theresa B.

Josiah Young, Esq. is an excellent attorney. He did some contract work that was crucial for my business and did an exemplary job. He was very professional and responsive. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal work. Top notch!


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