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Every successful business in L.A. has a skilled lawyer behind them. Running a business is a complicated endeavor in every aspect, and it’s important not to overlook or underestimate the legal details. If you’re an entrepreneur, you likely have a lot of business knowledge and experience, but you probably don’t have the legal knowledge and experience that you need to confidently handle things like entity formation, compliance, licensing, contracts, intellectual property protection, shareholder issues, lawsuits, and more without making mistakes. That’s why you need to work with a knowledgeable Los Angeles business lawyer who can help you make strategic decisions! The Law Office of Josiah Young, PC, can give you sound legal advice and ensure your business is set up for success. We will take care of everything for you so you can focus on doing what you do best! Call today to request a consultation.

What Our Experienced Los Angeles Business Lawyer Can Help With 


If you’re just starting your business, there are a lot of legal boxes you have to check. We can help you understand which entity to choose (such as an LLC) based on your specific goals. We can also help you choose the right name, draft an operating agreement and articles of incorporation (or other necessary documents), register your business with the correct entities, designate a registered agent, separate your personal financial life and assets from your business’s, maintain compliance, file accounting and annual reports, and more. We will prevent you from unintentionally breaking any state or federal laws, and from making mistakes that can lead to you being sued or taken advantage of by your vendors and partners! 


Contract law is one of the biggest strengths of our firm; our lead Los Angeles business lawyer, Josiah M. Young, Esq., scored in the 91st percentile on the contract law portion of the bar exam and is particularly adept at writing and reviewing strong agreements that protect your rights and interests! We can help you draft clear contracts based on your needs to present to other parties you want to enter into business deals with. We can also help you review contracts that are presented to you, explain the terms so you have full knowledge of what is required of you, identify and correct loopholes, suggest other modifications, and negotiate until a mutually beneficial, legally binding document is reached. We can assist with various different types of contracts, including:

  • Merger and acquisition agreements
  • Bills of sale
  • Commercial leasing agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)
  • Warranties
  • Equipment leasing agreements
  • Sales and marketing agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • And more. 


In today’s competitive, litigious corporate environment, it is highly likely that your business may be sued at some point, or will need to sue another party in order to get a favorable outcome. We do everything in our power to prevent lawsuits, because they are costly and time-consuming, but if litigation can’t be avoided, we are prepared to aggressively defend your rights in court. We can assist with breach of contract litigation and more!

General Counsel

Even when there isn’t a pressing legal need, it is still a great idea to work with a Los Angeles business lawyer who can act as a sounding board for business decisions. Our attorney can help with research, accounting, policy matters, employee hiring and firing, insurance issues, and more. With us on your side ensuring that every step is a wise one, you will dodge many of the legal problems that frequently plague California business owners. 

We Take A Proactive Approach That Minimizes Risk & Provides Peace Of Mind

Most business owners react to situations that develop. They wait until they and their business are facing a crisis to call a lawyer. Our firm is able to help in a crisis, certainly, but we can save you a lot of time, money, and stress if you come to us ahead of time! We can work to decrease your liability and increase your business’s stability, so that litigation is less likely to occur and so your business is more likely to scale smoothly.

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The Law Office of Josiah Young, PC, is the premier business law firm serving Los Angeles entrepreneurs and their companies. Our lead Los Angeles business lawyer, Josiah M. Young, Esq., has helped numerous businesses start and scale ventures in a legally-compliant, legally-optimized manner, and he can help you do the same. He will take the time to get to know you, get an accurate picture of your circumstances, and learn about your vision for growth so he can give you personalized legal guidance. He can answer your questions and explain how the law affects your actions clearly, without using confusing legalese; his objective is to empower you to understand your options so you feel in control of your business’s future. 

With our law firm on your side, you can relax knowing that your business is in the best hands. Don’t wait for potential issues to arise or for current issues to get more complicated! Call us today to request a consultation and discuss your next steps!

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Josiah and his team were instrumental in helping me close on on a cannabis delivery business in Sacramento and Yuba City. Being relatively new to the area, Josiah and team came from a referral and they immediately partnered with me on aspects of the contracts and helped secure a deal that made sense. The entire team was responsive to my requests and they went over and beyond to help and advocate on my behalf. They took the time to ensure I was informed about each task and worked with me on an aggressive timeline. I was impressed with the quality of people and overall professionalism.

Theresa B.

Josiah Young, Esq. is an excellent attorney. He did some contract work that was crucial for my business and did an exemplary job. He was very professional and responsive. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal work. Top notch!