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California was the first state to allow cannabis for medicinal use in 1996, and the state legalized it for recreational use in 2016. However, just because the use of it is now legal does not mean that it is not strictly regulated. Because the industry is so new, and because the laws regulating cannabis businesses are complex and still evolving, it’s critical to enlist the assistance of a skilled cannabis lawyer if you are starting or managing any kind of cannabis operation. The potential rewards of cannabis entrepreneurship are high, but so are the risks! Without legal guidance, you could lose everything you’ve worked for or even be criminally prosecuted. Attorney Josiah M. Young, Esq., can offer you strategic, reliable legal counsel that can guard your business from pitfalls and maximize your profitability. Call today to request a consultation and learn more about what our firm can do to serve you!

Trust A Knowledgeable Cannabis Lawyer With An Excellent Reputation To Give You An Edge In The Still-Developing Market.

The Law Office of Josiah Young, P.C., can help cannabis businesses with a variety of legal issues, such as:

Entity formation
Licensing and permitting
Contract drafting/review/disputes
Compliance (with both municipal and state laws)
Zoning and land use, including environmental compliance
Limiting liability
Defense against criminal charges & expungement of criminal record
Transactional matters
And more.

All of these issues can be overwhelming to deal with. The regulations and government relations are intense and burdensome, and it can be difficult for the average cannabis business owner to understand what is required of them. Moreover, the industry is full of predators. Many of the entrepreneurs who expected to benefit from legalization will actually lose money unless they have a cannabis legal professional on their side who can protect their business’s future!

Attorney Josiah M. Young, Esq., is deeply familiar with California’s cannabis laws, and wants to see cannabis business owners succeed in the short and long term! He will take the time to explain the regulations that apply to you and your legal options in terms you can easily understand (he won’t speak legalese). He can help you consider the small details and see the big picture, and will work together with you to come up with a strategic plan of action that furthers your business goals! Whether you are starting a cannabis business, have had one for years, or have a pressing legal issue, our law firm can make a positive difference when it comes to your venture’s growth. Call now to request a consultation.

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Josiah and his team were instrumental in helping me close on on a cannabis delivery business in Sacramento and Yuba City. Being relatively new to the area, Josiah and team came from a referral and they immediately partnered with me on aspects of the contracts and helped secure a deal that made sense. The entire team was responsive to my requests and they went over and beyond to help and advocate on my behalf. They took the time to ensure I was informed about each task and worked with me on an aggressive timeline. I was impressed with the quality of people and overall professionalism.

Theresa B.

Josiah Young, Esq. is an excellent attorney. He did some contract work that was crucial for my business and did an exemplary job. He was very professional and responsive. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal work. Top notch!


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